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Educational Programs

Language schools on campuses of the best universities around the world allow you to immerse in student life and learn new things
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Learn Spanish Worldwide

Spanish courses in 20+ Spanish-speaking countires

20 + countries, May – August, from $2100
Study in Cyprus

Education in Cyprus is the first step to a successful career in tourism

Cyprus, June – September, from €1890

Work and Study in Italy

The university offers paid internships (from €5.5/hour) while studying in Italy

Italy, May – August, from $2100
Work&Travel Europe

The student exchange program allows you to move to Europe for a few months and live an independent life and work legally in the service sector

Europe, June – September, from$980
The trip was unforgettable! My language level has grown tremendously. Finland is fascinating

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Teach in China

Teach English in China and live with a local family

China, 4 months, from $700
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Internship Programs

Internships in the hotel and financial businesses, tourism, health care, and education
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Internship in Spain was incredible. Learnt so much. Unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot!
Internship in England

Studying in England is one of the most expensive higher education options in the world

England, from $1920
Internship in Spain

IELTS or DELE certificate is required to confirm the language level

Spain, from $2100
Internship in Europe

A combination of high academic standards, centuries of tradition, and unwavering quality

Europe, from €1290

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Volunteer Programs

Volunteer projects in the social or environmental sphere with intensive language courses
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4th best volunteer programs in the world after the U.S., the U.K., and Australia

Germany, from $980


The Japanese government seeks to support the flow of foreign students by increasing the number of volunteer programs and providing additional support

Japan, from $700

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